How To Host a Sold Out Screening in an Adult-Use State

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Photo courtesy of @tali_lala

“I had no idea there was so much interest, support, and curiosity for women in cannabis. It was amazing. We need more of this!”

On March 8, 2019, Tali Eisenberg hosted the Oakland Premiere of “Mary Janes: The Women of Weed”. As the founder of Geter Done Productions, Tali created a screening event that combined education, activism, and the community for a sold-out International Women’s Day event in the Bay Area. (She literally ran out of chairs and had to get more).

“Storytelling opened the door for a cannabis industry,” said Tali. “Screening a film about activism and the liberation of our wellness was so moving. We saw who fought to get the cannabis industry where it is today, the shoulders we are standing on, and the women who are blazing an uncharted path.”

She added, “The bureaucracy of cannabis legalization and regulation can be overwhelming. ‘Mary Janes’ was an inspiring reminder for why we’re fighting for a legal and fair cannabis industry, and why we need to advocate for more women owners and leaders.”

Here are 3 Tips for Hosting a Successful Community Screening Event from Tali:

  1. Educate Your Audience. “Don’t forget where we came from. Include the history of cannabis and the war on drugs in your event. That opens the door for curiosity and dialogue.”
  2. Celebrate your Community. “Celebrate the cannabis activists, farmers and communities who came before us and bring them into the conversation. The cannabis renaissance occurred because people risked their lives and/or spent years incarcerated for this plant we now enjoy and profit from.”
  3. Find Your Allies. “Don’t try to do an event by yourself. Partner with brands and companies who share your values and are doing good work, who want to support the communities they serve. We cannot do this alone, nor should we. Get organized, and ask for help. Raise each other up and build something beautiful together. Share the stage and your platforms.”