What to expect from “Mary Janes”

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Windy Borman

Windy Borman

I am the daughter of a doctor and nurse, and a product of the D.A.R.E. generation, who learned all drugs are bad, but particularly marijuana because it was a “ gateway” drug. Throughout the years I had ample opportunity to try marijuana, but never did.

However, I’ve always been intrigued by social issues, especially gender equality, social justice, environmental protection, education and empowering women. When I moved to Colorado in 2014—the same year recreational use of marijuana became legal—and started meeting successful women in the weed business, I knew I was perfectly positioned to tell these female entrepreneurs’ stories. Mary Janes: The Women of Weed will follow these female “ ganjapreneurs” through the highs and lows of the legal cannabis industry.

The film’s three core values are:

1.Gender Parity
2.Social Justice
3.Environmental Sustainability

Mary Janes follows female “ ganjapreneurs” as they navigate the “ budding” marijuana industry in the United States. Their combined experience with the medical, legal, technical, scientific and business aspects of cannabis paint a multidimensional portrait of the what it really takes to be the “ Women of Weed”.

Along the way, we meet authors, lawyers, doctors, patients, Congresswomen, legalization advocates, parents, and teachers who demystify the legal marijuana industry.

We’ll learn about the evolution of the Cannabis Sativa plant, its Schedule 1 drug status with the DEA, and its eventual legalization for medical use.

We’ll discuss how the “ War on Drugs” created new “ Jim Crow laws” , and the parallels between women leading the way to overturn alcohol prohibition and ending marijuana prohibition.

Finally, we’ll highlight businesses that are building gender parity, social justice and environmentally sustainable practices into their foundations, and the successes these garner.

By the end, we hope female and male audiences become educated voters and empowered entrepreneurs in any industry they choose.

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