SPLIMM: “Mary Janes” Film Aims to Influence the National Conversation

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It’s no secret that cannabis has infiltrated mainstream consciousness. Sitcoms on Netflix, vape pens in Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop, and ads for cannabis lawyers on CNN remind us every day that this plant is no longer relegated to a dingy corner of counterculture. People are ready to talk about it and they want to know more. So what’s the best way to take weed to the masses? Windy Borman believes it’s through the movies…

A big part of the film’s power is in our witnessing of Borman’s journey toward greater understanding of cannabis and the consequences of its transition to legality. She acknowledges her biases from the outset – a DARE education and family history of addiction have made her wary of all drugs – but keeps an open mind as she explores the intertwining strands of gender parity, sustainability, and social justice. Her aha! moments are genuine and have you cheering her on for more epiphanies. “I had to make the personal decision to let myself be vulnerable and curious,” Borman tells us. “I didn’t know where it would lead, but I knew that if I could go on this journey, on camera, with these women, we might all be changed.”

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