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Jaime Lewis has more than fifteen years of experience managing Medical/Adult Use Cannabis production, manufacturing and retail operations.  Her expertise has pervaded several regulated markets across the U.S., in both private and publicly traded organizations. As an early pioneer of the Cannabis Industry, Ms. Lewis was responsible for her start-up’s operations and close participation in the regulatory process which propelled her into leadership roles in several professional trade organizations and regulatory work groups. Jaime now serves as the Vice President of Operations for NEO Alternatives/Root 66 and operates Coldwater Consulting, a multi-disciplinary Cannabis Consulting firm that provides end to end solutions for the Medical/Adult Use Cannabis Industries, the emerging CBD market and ancillary businesses expanding into these nascent markets.


What social justice and/or criminal justice reforms do you want the US to make around its drug policy, particularly around cannabis?

I believe that we must deschedule – not reschedule – cannabis. I want to see this product respected as the healing plant that it is, and allow patients to benefit from its therapeutic potential. Rescheduling cannabis will allow big business to dominate the emerging market, perpetuating systems of racial and economic inequality cemented by mass incarceration and the war on drugs. Removing cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act will help reverse the course of systemic criminal convictions for marijuana possession. Descheduling cannabis honors the movement’s values; rescheduling will ultimately bolster corporate control.

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