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What do students in West Virginia, a flash mob in Germany, an 11K race in Colombia, a concert in Afghanistan, and a photo shoot in Bosnia and Herzegovina all have in common?

When the participants roll up a pant leg, they are all part of a global action to ban landmines and support victims, known as Lend Your Leg.

Every year, there are more than 4,000 landmine victims around the world and 70% of them are civilians. The “Lend Your Leg” concept, asking individuals to roll up their pant leg in solidarity with landmine victims, was launched by the Colombian NGO Fundación Arcángeles in 2011 to call attention to the issue of landmines and their devastating effect on communities throughout the world.

In 2013, DVA Productions managed the social media and event productions for Lend Your Leg USA, which included: live events in 10 cities across the US; social media activism on Facebook, Twitter and blogs; and, writing press releases, a press kit and an Op-Ed for Takepart.com.

Lend Your Leg USA

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